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Armand Picarro Character Sheet Part 3


Armand Picarro was raised to be like his father, sharp of mind with great force of personality to match.  It was clear from an early age the Armand was a natural leader.  Armand's natural magnetism and striking appearance were only enhanced by his ability to convince others to see things his way.  Though his family has a proud tradition of  riding skill, his Lord father Sergio is arguably his superior in skill.  (Seeing his legacy secure in his son has given Lord Sergio a great amount of pride and slightly lax in maintaining his fitness.)

In his early adolescent years,  Armand witnessed a display of fencing skill by a traveler from Eastra which took his breath away.  The Eastran, who was challenged by a local bravo, displayed great ease at repelling and countering  his opponents attempts, which caused the bravo to become frustrated and defer to the stranger's superior skill.  Dazzled and intrigued by the man's ability to cause his opponent to back down without drawing a drop of blood, Armand approached the Eastran, later discovered to be the water dancer Alesander Lyttle.  Armand offered the man a position in the hire of Lord Sergio to train Armand in the ways of the water dancer.  Armand's training as a water dancer has been kept secret except with his Lord father.  What Sergio has not discovered is Armand's secret identity as the vigilante Tom Blackbird, which Armand has adopted to fight injustices in his father's land with as little bloodshed as possible.  Armand's life has been threatened multiple times in his actions.  Alesander knows the true identity of Tom Blackbird.  In this role, Armand has recently discovered that his sister Lucy has a secret lover.  Armand has not decided how to deal with this situation as of yet.

In recent times, Armand was called by Lord Grey to serve in the Grey Riders under the command of (then) Lord Eric Stonewall (and one time visitor to Los Veranos.)  Along with a score of Picarro light cavalry on their Nortena battle steeds, Armand answered his Lord's call and marched under the banners of House Dragonfell  to enforce the King's justice in the south.  Under the command of General Eric Stonewall, and commander of the Grey Riders  Ser Gaston, Armand and the other Grey Riders led a staggering cavalry rush that flanked and routed the Talbert/Algoth forces.  It was there that Armand Picarro formed the opinion that Lord Eric Stonewall was a brilliant and inspiring leader who did not throw away the lives of his men needlessly. 

To the Picarro's, family is a bond which cannot be broken without grave cause.  When Lord Grey disowned his son Eric, Armand perceived the action as a betrayal of the people.  Lord Sergio was  deeply affected by this news, and was convinced of Armand's  account of Eric.  With the news that the honorable Ser Lennier and  Ser Gaston, Colonels of the Grey Riders, had declared their support to Ser Eric Stonewall, Lord Sergio openly declared his support to Ser Eric.  With this action, Lord Grey Stonewall declared House Picarro "Rogue," and no longer under the protection of House Stonewall.  Armand has been helping his father as an emissary to organize the Rogue Houses to push back the invading Talbert forces who wish to claim the land.  The Grey Riders of House Picarro have never been dissolved, so they remain a potent force, trained in the tactics of Talbert soldiers.

Personality:  Armand is proud but tactful, and has a gift for swaying others' opinions towards his own.  He has a love for the people, which has been fueled by his desire to deliver vigilante justice in Picarro lands as Tom Blackbird.  He has a deep passion for continuing his training as a water dancer.  Armand frequently makes ventures in the romantic,  leaving many ladies breathless, but has not yet married.  He will strive to restore the honor to his house, and return Ser Eric Stonewall to his rightful position. 

Armand has been blessed with strikingly fine features, mostly from Lady Maria.  His eyes are blue and he has shoulder length light brown hair.  Armand's eyebrows raise slightly near his temples giving him a dashingly handsome countenance.  He is thin but fit, and usually prefers a light tunic bearing the Insignia of House Picarro (white/black with iridescent embroidery) over leather armor.  His arms include a highly polished buckler shield and a rapier with a magnificent golden basket hilt.  In form as Tom Blackbird, Armand ties his hair back and wears a dark mask with holes for the eyes, dusty black shirt and pants, and a (now) tattered black cape.  Armand's original horse was slain in the battle as a Grey Rider, but he has replaced it with an ebony Nortena named Vuarte del Negro, who is as forgiving to its rider as it is quick.

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