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Ser Kavin Character Sheet Part 3


Ser Kavin grew up as the most isolated and forgotten member of an isolated and forgotten family. His birth caused the death of his lady mother. His family kept an unspoken discomfort around him. Most left him alone. His Step-mother neglected him in favor of her trueborn son. His half brother, Ardred, liked to fight him whenever possible and was usually left with bruises and cuts after a fight. Ardred would raz him by calling him Ser Craven.

Left to his own devices, Kavin explored the expansive ruins of Bane Fort. He discovered an ancient book of dragon lore which he endeavored to decipher. He would sneak off every chance he got to study this tome. He commmited the words to memory. In the practice yard, he often found himself reciting the words soundlessly as he moved his sword to strike at dragon figments and straw dummies. During one of Kavin's frequent trips to the forgotten depths, he found the serpantine hilt to an ancient sword of the Dragonguard. Bane Fort's master smith, forged a blade for him that would befit a Dragon Knight of old. Kavin carries this weapon to this day and keeps it clean and sharp.

When he wasn't studying or training, he could be found with his mount a Light Warhorse named Rabbit. Rabbit is a jumper. And a climber. She is specially trained to navigate the harsh rocky terrain around the Last Vale. She becomes unweildy near large bodies of water like rivers, lakes and oceans. She will jump a creak or wade into a pond without problem. She is smaller than most horses of wat but makes up for it in spirit.

Being the 7th son of Lord Devin, Kavin never thought about the possability of becoming lord himself and contented himself to pursue knighthood. He started squiring for a minor noble in Dragonfell until an old Dragonknight spied his blade. When the Dragonguard approached him about his blade, he was embarrassed by his boyhood fantasies of dragons and told him the unromantic truth of his sword. Pressed further, nervous and excited, Kavin lost control and spewed a steady stream of information about dragons. The Dragonguard eventually interepted his excited jibbering to ask Kavin to squire for him. Kavin promptly fainted.

Since that time, Kavin has become a Dragonknight in his own respect. He travels the countryside in search of good causes and dragon lore. He has come to realize that steel and brains count for little without a deft tongue. To this end, he has teamed with Armand Picarro who seems to have a hero's lust for justice.

Kavin is sharp, impatient, inquisitive and generally quiet. He generally values solitude over comraderie. However, when asked about dragons, swordplay or horsemanship, it is difficult to shut him up. In battle he is calm, calculating and quick. He has no knowledge of the deaths of Wovin and Navin.

Jaw-length raven black hair.The beginnings of a black beard. Crystal blue eyes that shine with inner resolve. He is a young, only 17 yrs. He wears a white enamled breast plate with tongues of crimson fire flowing throughout the suit. His helmet is fashioned much the same way with small winglets sprowting ftom the side. His Sheild is cold steel with a small zigzag cut into the top. Rabbit wears heavy leather barding.
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