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Ser Kavin Character Sheet Part 2

House Cranhold
House Motto: "Impenetrable"
House Sigil: White Shield cracked in a zigzag at its top center on Red Field

Minor House of House Dragonfell

Located west of the Pass of Elindor where the mountains turn south, Cranhold holds more land than most minor houses. Trouble is, it's mostly inhabitable, and merchants rarely wish to make their way up the steep and winding pass that constitutes the only way to the Last Vale and Bane Fort. A small gate house with a broken tower guards the way into the vale. Usually inhabited by one or two bribable guards. The Last Vale is small hidden oasis of green in an immense rocky waste of mountain land. It boasts of one small village called Buckler populated primarily of sheep and oxen herders. A few miners risk life and limb daily for the chance to find precious metals, gems or even a dragon scale live in Buckler. Also, folks who'd prefer that the rest of Westra was clueless to their whereabouts find Buckler to be a reasonable sanctuary.

Bane Fort is a fortress the size of Castle Dragonfell with an immense stone wall blocking the pass beyond. The other outer walls are considerable smaller. Much of Fort Bane is in a rotted ruin and is deserted. The Lord, his family and their servents reside in what used to be the royal apartments in the days when kings still cared to visit the boundaries of Westra.

Benarius gifted Bane Fort and the lordship to the Dragonknight Wovin who commanded the pass in a brutal onslaught once upon a time.

Lord Devin:
Old beyond his years. He squired for King Daniel's Grandfather. He has seen 3 kings in his lifetime and has low expectations for the 4th. He'll support whoever sits on the throne however. He is guarded about his political allegience preffering to stay out of the way. His aim during his lordship was to father as many heirs as possible as he was the last in his line. His health is declining but his mind remains alert. A Deep grief currently weekening him and he sees almost no one.

Lady Cavara:
Died giving birth to Kavin. She was Lord Trevor Shadowbane's aunt.

Baron Tevin III:
Died with his wife and teenage son coming up the pass to return to the Vale after visiting Dragonfell (2 years ago).
1st Son

Ser Sevin and Ser Hovin:
Died bravely in the Ogre battles.
2nd and 3rd Sons

Baron Wovin IX:
Taken by bandits traveling the Amber. (6 months ago)
4th Son

Baron Navin:
Died of a crippling illness. (last week)
5th Son

Baron Levin:
Slipped off the ramparts of Bane Fort (3 years ago)
6th Son

Ser Kavin:
Not dead.
7th Son.

Lady Arienne:
2nd Wife.
Soft lady from the Riverlands. Much younger than Lord Devin. Miserable most of the time. Feels haunted by Cavara. Ignores Kavin and dotes upon her son.

Baron Ardred:
8th Son of Devin and 1st Son of Arienne.
Heir to House Cranhold.
15 yrs old
Bully and mommma's boy. Has respect for Kavin as he is bested Ardred in many tussels growing up. Wishes to be a knight like Kavin but Arienne keeps him reigned in. Thinks all problems can be solved by force. Has little patience for the subtleties of court or the duties of a lord.

Look for my personal story and personality soon.
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