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A List of the Major Houses

I once had a website up on meat but it got deleted somehow. I won't be able to update it until I get internet access back, but until then, here is a list of the Major Houses and house Tellman.

Mind you that this is a VERY old list and there are some people in this list who have died (King Daniel being the most obvious one) as well as other people who have joined the cast of major characters. I'll have to regather some notes from the past and present an updated list when I have the time.

The Noble Families of Westra
As of 2343 3EE

Major Houses

House Dragonfell
“Honor and Fire!”

Though one of the smallest families, their rich history is alive in the tapestry of Titania. Benarius, founder the family, held that his house would rule over Westra by divine right, a decree that none questioned until recent times. Though powerful and proud, their enemies multiply daily; it will only be a matter of time before open rebellion across the kingdom will begin. Their banner is a white dragon serpent wrapped around a silver lance.

Lord Daniel Dragonfell
Lord of House Dragonfell
First-born son of Eric and Lucia Dragonfell
King of Westra, and Lord of Lords. He is a wise, humble, and good king. His training, under the guidance of Avatnor, brought him to the Southrun lands where the priests of Delano raised him on the path of a Savior Knight, a rare paladin who upholds his powers, not through divine influence, but through justice and honor. His reign has been a peaceful one, albeit an ominous one as well. With the kingdom swiftly coming under debt and dark rumors of strange creatures in the east, the populace at large grows restless. There is even whispering among the nobles that several families believe that the time has come for King Daniel to step down and a new, more potent leader to take his place. Recently, Daniel Dragonfell was poisoned—a sickness that even Avatnor could not remedy. His time running out, Daniel must save the land from a destructive rebellion before it is too late. The only problem is… who should be the next king?

Princess Celia Dragonfell
First-born daughter of Daniel and Celia Dragonfell
Named after her mother, who died during her birthing, Celia is a strong willed child for her age of six years who does not understand the importance of her position as the last Dragonfell, for the one to marry her is the one who will have legal rights to the throne.

The Lord Baron
First-born son of Eric Dragonfell and Jennifer Tellman
Lord Stephan, younger half-brother to King Daniel and a bastard, the product of a brief affair with Jennifer Tellman, a young maiden of a minor family, while Eric Dragonfell was putting down a rebellion in the north. His mother died not long after she brought him to the court of Dragonfell to present him to his father when he was three; some say that she was assassinated. In his adult years, he has become the Pontiff of the Lord of Light and head of the Council of Justice; he is said to be cold, ruthless, and calculating—dealing justice with an even hand. Many families fear him, for his power and influence rivals that of King Daniel himself. The Lord Baron eyes the Throne of Dragons, it is known, and knows that the only two people in his way are King Daniel and young Celia. It is said that he holds sway over several of the major houses, perhaps even their allegiance. It is no secret that one day, with the help of his secret supporters, he may rise up and usurp the throne over Westra. King Daniel is aware of his brother’s treacherous intentions and seeks for some legal recourse to stop his dastardly ambitions.

House Stonewall
“We are the strength of stone!”

The Stonewall family is a strong and honorable family. One of the eldest families in all of Westra, they can trace their lineage all the way to the time of the Exiled. Builders of Stonewall Keep, the greatest keep in all of Westra and from which they have taken name, they stand as a symbol of freedom and peace. It has been said that the word of a Stonewall is worth more than gold. Their banner is a grey fortress.

Lord Grey Stonewall
Lord of House Stonewall
First son of William and Erin Stonewall
Lord Stonewall is a man of integrity and honor; yet, he is also a harsh man who does not tolerate deviancies from the letter of the law. He is loyal to House Dragonfell and to King Daniel himself having fought with him in a campaign against the ogre clans near Northrun. Daniel does enjoy his loyalty, but knows that should the Lord Baron take the Throne of Dragons through legal means, Lord Stonewall would not be easily swayed to resist. Lord Stonewall himself represents house Stonewall at the court of Dragonfell and handles all affairs of house from there.

Ser Brandon Stonewall
First-born son of Grey and Valera Stonewall
An honorable man and a childhood friend to Daniel Dragonfell, Brandon Stonewall is first in line to take up the Lordship of House Stonewall, something that his father reminds him of constantly. To train him for the day when he must take up the mantleship of Lord Stonewall, Grey Stonewall sent him to Southrun at the Temples of Delano. There, Brandon Stonewall was raised on the path of a paladin. It was also here that Brandon become friends with young Daniel Dragonfell.

Ser Illian Stonewall
Second-born son of Grey and Valera Stonewall
Illian had an unfortunate childhood where he was afflicted by a sickness that nearly killed him. Desperate to save their son, Lord and Lady Stonewall sent their child to the nearby Temple of Light, temple of the Lord of Light and ran by House Talbert, in the city of Calcoon. There, under the care of the priests, Illian made a miraculous recovery. Overjoyed, the Stonewall family owes the life of their son to House Talbert; as part of their debt to them, the Stonewall family allowed Illian to be taken into their care and raised in the fashion of the Lord of Light, which Illian was only too pleased to do. In his older years, it is plain that Illian’s mannerisms are far more Talbert-like; he possesses extreme loyalty to House Talbert, a loyalty which may even surpass his loyalty to House Stonewall. It is also whispered that he has taken Sendra Talbert, his guardian sister, as a lover. These, and other rumors, have greatly disturbed Grey Stonewall and has caused quite a bit of friction between the two Great Houses.

Ser Garin Stonewall
Third-born son of Grey and Valera Stonewall
A knight of renown with a keen tactical mind. He holds great popularity with the common folk through his championing of many tourneys.

Ser Gaston
A popular knight amongst the commoners, Ser Gaston bases most of his popularity on his winning of many tourneys. A loyal follower of House Stonewall, he is one of Lord Stonewall’s most influential knights.

House Algoth
“Strength through steel!”

House Algoth is known for its cunning, its charm, and its wealth. Known among the other Great Houses as “the House of Cards”; they show a great many faces to the world, but little know their true intentions. Though now one of the more powerful houses in Westra, they only very recently came to power fifty years ago after silver and iron was founded in their holdings; their economic prominence quickly shot them up the ladder of power and prestige and now they are second in influence only to House Dragonfell. Their army, though small, is well equipped, for even their lowliest footman sport half-plates and shields. Their technological and industrial leadership makes their house a marvel indeed. Their banner is a hammer striking an anvil.

Lady Shana Algoth
Lady of House Algoth
Third-born daughter of Thelgar and Amy Fallosworth
Lady Shana Algoth is currently head of house Algoth after the untimely death of her husband when he joined King Daniel in his campaign against the ogre clans. She is yet very young, only 17 years of age, but she has taken up the leadership of House Algoth with the skill of guile of a noble twice her age. Many people believe her to be “unbecoming” to take such a great undertaking at her age, especially considering the economic importance of House Algoth, and she has been pressured by many families to take a husband. As of now, she remains quite adamant about retaining her leadership and says that she will “find a suitor when she is done with her grieving”. Her cousin, Lady Allister, serves as advisor until she is marred once again.

Maiden Sarah Allister
Third-born daughter of Kevin and Gwain Allister
Sarah is daughter to the late Lady Allister and cousin to Lady Algoth. Lady Algoth and Maiden Sarah were very close as children and have come to see each other as sisters. Shy, but intelligent and observant, she serves as representative of House Algoth at the court of Dragonfell.

House Riverman
“Take to the winds!”

House Riverman is another Great House that makes its influence felt through the might of its wealth. One of the families who helped the Dragonfells against the Dragonlords, they have since become wealthy through their virtual monopoly on ships that travel on the river Wyvern and the river Sarith, the two major rivers that span the length and breadth of Westra. From the city of Trident, where the river Wyvern feeds into the river Sarith, House Riverman sports a huge merchant community and mediates the trade for Westra as a whole; it is said that they are the life-blood of the kingdom. Though they have enjoyed great popularity and esteem in the past for this great charge, the recent failing economy of Westra has made them the target of blame by many houses and commoners alike. Their banner is a white diamond in a blue river. (It was legend that the first mother of house Riverman was a mermaid born out of a diamond.)

Lord Jandert Riverman
Lord of House Riverman
Second-born son of Robert and Elisia Riverman
Lord Jandert is a reserved and paranoid leader. Recent unpopularity of House Riverman has caused him to be very mistrustful of late.

Aegin Riverman
Second-born son of Jandert and Elisia Riverman
Aegin is very much different than Lord Jandart; pleasant, eager to learn, and very fond of people. Yet, he also shares the fear of his family at large, for he knows that many blame House Riverman, as well as House Dragonfell, for the current economic downfall of Westra; this fear makes him very cautious of those he would call friend. Aegin represents house Riverman at the Court of Dragonfell.

House Darius
“Ours is the wrath of heaven!”

House Darius draws their lineage from a time even before the Exiled came into Westra. Indeed, their unusual names and traditions have made them a reputation of being descended from elves (though, of course, that is only a legend). Nevertheless, they are a house built on pride and righteousness, with an unusual time-honored (and very secret) fighting style—elegant to watch, and dizzying to behold. Since they are very cautious about who they have marry into their house, they are a very small house (in fact, the smallest of the Great Houses). However, their knowledge of the past is very much valued in Westra and to Dragonfell in particular, and House Darious is renowned for its fine artists and musicians. Not only is House Darius a leader in the arts, but also in construction and education, making their strongholds and towns popular centers of learning. If House Riverman is the life-blood of Westra, the high culture of House Darius makes it the soul of Westra. Their banner is the curved white blade on a tree.

Lord Arathoras Darius
Lord of House Darius
First-born son of Valeaus and Mary Darius
An old and wizened man of ninety, Lord Darius still has much life in him—he even participated in the campaign against the ogre clans with King Daniel four years ago before he finally laid down his sword. Lord Darius remains a steadfast supporter of House Dragonfell and King Daniel’s claim to the throne. He has since taken to staying at his castle Chalandra near the Great Forest. It is said that Avatnor often visits him.

Valeaus Darius
Second-born son of Arathoras and Mary Darius
Valeaus is a quiet one, and deeply troubled… for reasons that can only be guessed at. Whenever he is not at court, he stays locked in his study or talks with Avatnor. Valeaus represents House Darius at the Court of Dragonfell.

House Shadowbane
“Death brings life.”

House Shadowbane is a mysterious house steeped in superstition. They are a House who’s ancestors have championed against the forces of darkness since the Age of Dreams; yet, through this deep connection with the darkness, their history is fraught with many unfortunate and black tales and several families believe them to be truly cursed. Yet, through fear or reverence, most of the nobles agree that House Shadowbane is, indeed, a powerful house whose members are not to be trifled with. Their deep superstition has driven many of its members to mysticism and, some whisper, the black arts. As such, it would not be uncommon to find a Shadowbane walking the path of a gypsy or a monk. Their predictions and premonitions are unusually accurate, even if they are cryptic in nature. Despite these powers of foresight, House Shadowbane is generally mistrusted and most of the houses distance themselves from its members. However, House Shadowbane is deeply proud of its heritage and its family members are extremely close and loyal to each other. It is rumored that they worship a god other than the traditional Old Gods or the Lord of Light; if they do, then their practices are well guarded for no one has ever confirmed it. Their banner is the black demon stabbed through the heart with a red blade.

Lord Trevor Shadowbane
Lord of House Shadowbane
Second-born son of Gareth and Ivanessa Shadowbane
Lord Shadowbane, well suited to the fearful image of House Shadowbane, is a frightening man, well muscled and an Arms Master in his own right. Trevor has called his banners several times in his forty years of rulership to conduct Crusades demanded by the precepts of his family; once, his army was away from Westra for an entire decade before they returned (a journey of which he never speaks of). Regarding matters of state, he is quiet but bears a matter-of-factly and no-nonsense attitude whenever he speaks. He is mistrusted among the nobles simply because he is unpredictable and powerful—a lion which no one wishes to wake.

Ser Mica Shadowbane
Second-born son to Trevor and Dana Shadowbane
A superstitious knight of renown. Though he has not won any tourneys, it is said that he has journeyed far to the lands in the east and has picked up some of the outlandish customs of Eastra. At present, he is on such an outing; since he is the representative of House Shadowbane at Dragonfell, his absence means that House Shadowbane has no presence at court.

House Allister
“Pride in honor.”

House Allister was founded by Ser Guy Allister before he became the First of the Dragon Guard to Benarius Dragonfell and help to slay Ghashanamu, the mightiest dragon in Titania. They are the poorest of the Great Houses, and it is only through their fierce loyalty to House Dragonfell that they still retain their status as one of the greater families of Westra. Following in the footsteps of their founder, many members of House Allister join the Dragon Guard to protect the King—unfortunately for their house, this tradition has stifled House Allister’s growth since the Dragon Guard can hold no land or wealth; yet they continued this tradition for centuries and have produced some of the most famous knights in the history of Westra. In fact, one of their women, Maiden Raeya Fay Allister, petitioned herself for knighthood in the Dragon Guard and was accepted; however, she died protecting the king before she could be knighted. Her sorrowful tale is a classic one of love and pride, and it is a favorite one among the bards of Titania. The banner of House Allister is the silver dragon protecting a crown of gold.

Lord Kevin Allister
Lord of House Allister
Second-born son of Kevin and Ana Allister
Lord Allister is a kindly and wise old man who, in his youth, trained to become one of the Dragon Guard before his elders brother’s untimely death by a sweeping epidemic. Changing life styles from a knight-in-training to the Lord of a major house barely retaining their influence and status was a harsh lesson that took many years for Kevin to learn. His life is a long one of betrayal, unrequited love, and other hopelessly romantic themes—the result of which has tempered Kevin into a bright and outstanding noble during the latter part of his life. He did not marry until he was fifty, and fathered three children before a tragic riding accident took his mind. His wife Gwain, it is said, died in grief a few days later, only a scant seven months after the birth of Sarah, their second daughter. Now little more than a mumbling old man who rambles incoherently, the great Kevin Allister spends most of his days in Castle Galmore under the care of Maester Johan, slowly wasting away. Though Sarah is often kept busy with matters of court for House Algoth, she visits Lord Allister as often as she can.

Lady Tamriel Allister
Lady of House Allister
First-born daughter of Kevin and Gwain Allister
Pronounced the Lady Allister by King Daniel after the death of her mother, Tamriel is a strong minded person and an absolute master at the game of power; she is deeply troubled by the slipping influence of House Allister. She has become obsessive with restoring their honor and glory and goes through great lengths and pains to assure their rise to power. Currently, she resides in Castle Ironheld with Lady Algoth, where she advises her cousin on matters of state and, it is said, to solidify their alliance with House Algoth.

Balmore Allister
Second-born son of Kevin and Gwain Allister
Balmore Allister, though not a knight by training, is famed to be extremely skilled with the blade and bow for he has won many tourneys and has even won the title of Knight of the Realm (after a close battle with Ser Gaston, the Bear). Though not lord in title, Balmore oversees the activities of House Allister. Balmore represents House Allister at the court of Dragonfell where he keeps a watchful eye over Sarah.

House Oarman
“Feel the crash of the sea!”

House Oarman actually started as a pirate clan many centuries ago… their loyalty to House Dragonfell eventually landed their family House titles and many holdings. Called Saltmen, Men of Salt, (or the more derogatory Salties), the House Oarman are a proud and fierce house, built on individual freedom, free trade, and self reliance. They take great strides at court to make their opinions heard and felt (literally with their fists sometimes), and finding an Oarman vocalizing loudly in a town square has become commonplace. The nobles, for the most part, detest House Oarman and their lot, for House Oarman only has a “loose nobility” among their own sphere of influence, preferring to see each other as “brother” or “sister”, even amongst the commoners. They intermingle freely with their smallfolk, often even marrying them into their family (“polluting” the line as Lady Allister would say). Descended from a line of western ebony sailors, they make their livelihood on the sea; in fact, they are the only family without a castle stronghold for their House Seat. Instead, they have made their flagship Resolution their family’s station, and they sport the largest fleet of ocean-going ships in the kingdom. Their outrageous attitude and defiance of time-honored traditions has caused them to meet anything from ridicule, resentment, anger, and curiosity amongst the other Houses of Westra. Their banner is the broken skull against a triangular sail.

Lord Elias Oarman
Lord of House Oarman
Fourth-born son of Icard and Vahalla Oarman
Unlike most of the other houses, House Oarman takes prestige in sailing the oceans and exploring new worlds, not in claiming titles. As such, the other children of Icard and Vahalla are, in fact, sailing the oceans in faraway lands. Elias took up the title of Lord Oarman simply because no one else wanted it; it suits him fine, however, for he is the most vocal of the Oarmans about matters of state. He spends most of his time near the Small Towns, a collection of river townships located where the river Sarith splits into over a hundred rivers before emptying into the Ocean Aydanus, mingling with his commoners and trying to make his lands more progressive.

Fourth-born son of Elias Oarman and Misty
Gandor is the second son of Elias Oarman and Misty who had been born out of wedlock. Yet, he is the only Oarman of high station who takes great interest in matters of court. Unlike most of his family, Gandor is in favor of the current system of nobility and he currently seeks to make knighthood, along with the lands and influence that knighthood gives. The grave difference in philosophy has created a deep chasm in his relationship with his father, but Lord Oarman rightly believes his son to be an honorable and intelligent lad who can be entrusted with the voice of House Oarman at Dragonfell. Despite his relatively conservative views with House Oarman, most of the other nobles shun Gandor because of his bastard status, an image which Gandor desperately tries to shake free of.

House Talbert
“We are the light of the Lord!”

House Talbert started as a poor but influential religious family for the Lord of Light, eventually attaining the necessary wealth and power to win status as a Great House in recent years. Their extraordinary hold over the general populace gives them great leverage in matters of state, and all the houses, sometimes even House Dragonfell, must concede to decisions of House Talbert, lest they loose the faith of the people. Since House Talbert makes its power felt through its religious might, they go through great pains to alleviate the influence of the Old Ways; though they do not outright deny the powers of Draenor and Imperia (and possibly start an all-out religious war), the priests of House Talbert are obligated to belittle the faith in the Old Gods if they wish to extend Talbert’s sway over Westra; their sermons usually plant the seeds of doubt in the Old Ways and reinforce faith in the miracles begotten from the New Faith. Their extremist views on matters of divinity puts them in direct opposition with House Darius, the strongest supporters of the Old Ways. Since House Talbert now owns most of the temples to the Lord of Light, they are one of few Houses who are quickly growing in wealth, even in times of economic crisis. The banner of House Talbert is the sun and stars.

Lord Gerold Talbert
Lord of House Talbert
First-born son of Elijah and Mary Talbert
Second only to the Lord Baron in power over Ministry of Light, Lord Pious Talbert is known as a man of mercy and wisdom. Yet, it is also clear that he seeks power and influence as well—over the past decade, Lord Talbert has increased the power and influence of his House, and his station in particular, two fold. He works very closely with the Lord Baron to amass the political strength that he desires.

Simon Talbert
First-born son of Gerold and May Talbert
A popular priest in Dragonfell, Simon is a rising star in the ranks of the Ministry. Learned in matters of politics, he is a great manipulator of the words of law and possesses the charisma to get away with it. Intelligent and outspoken in court, Simon has a great amount of influence over the decisions of Dragonfell. Simon currently represents House Talbert in the court of Dragonfell.

House Conrath
“Only the strong survive.”

Both feared and revered throughout the history of Westra, House Conrath represents the culmination of centuries of military tradition and power. Before the days of Dragonfell, before even the days of the Dragonlord, it was their house that ruled over Westra after they conquered both the Exiled and the Wanderers. Born from the days when the sword and spear was the final word, the ancestors of House Conrath bred their children to be warriors nearly from the day of their birth; this tradition endured even to this day where the children of House Conrath, including the women, are taught to use the blade and the spear to near perfection and arts of warfare are to be drilled daily after their Nameday. During the days of the Dragonlord, the might of Conrath was split in two as they sought to flee the Dreadlegions; not trusting to the haunted wood of the Great Forest, what was left of Conrath fled either north past the Spine of Draenor or south beyond the Shadow’s Wake (near the plains overlooked by the ancient tower, Sia Astrana). In time, Benarius traveled all over Titania, summoning the last of the freefolk to fight for Westra and both Conraths answered the call under Benarius’s banner. After the success of Benarius, House Conrath was united once again and swore an oath of allegiance to House Dragonfell; what followed, however, were bitter feuds within House Conrath about the leadership of their house; who should lead, the north or the south Conraths? Eventually, the northerners overpowered the southerners in an internal civil war; the southern folk were thusly separated and broken up into minor houses, sworn to follow the Lord of northern Conrath. Bitterness over this feud remains even to this day. Since House Conrath honors a strong tradition of military strength, they boast the largest army in all of Westra (more than all of the other houses combined, in fact), which gives them incredible influence at court. Their banner is the lion, the sword, and the spear crossed into one.

Lord Dante Conrath
Lord of House Conrath
Second-born son of Bolgar and Estelle Conrath
Since the eldest son of Bolgar was lost to plague at an early age, Dante was told early on that he was to lead House Conrath, the most powerful military family in Titania. Dante was a sickly, thin child, whom many did not believe would survive the string of harsh winters that swept through Westra. Yet, through miraculous determination and iron will, Dante survived his ordeals and fought his way to become one of the greatest swordsmen who has ever lived. His life is one of constant struggle with his decaying body and his undying responsibilities as House leader, for the plague still yet affects him. Living his life through these torments has made him into a hard man who drives his children as hard as he drives himself. Though an effective and charismatic leader, he is also feared—he is a man who’s wrath knows no bounds. Currently, he rides his lands, trying to keep House Conrath together and rooting out would-be traitors to his House.

Lady Beatrice Conrath
Lady of House Conrath
First-born daughter to Thelgar and Amy Fallosworth
Beatrice is a kind and gentle person, somewhat the opposite of Lord Conrath. Yet, she truly loves her husband, as he does her, and their bond remains true to this day when they’ll need the strength to keep House Conrath together. In recent days, she has fallen ill and spends most of her time at Castle Wyvern, House Seat of House Conrath.

Ser Valnor Conrath
First-born son of Dante and Beatrice Conrath
Well liked, loud and boisterous, Ser Valnor isn’t exactly the model lord that Lord Conrath was hoping to raise. Nevertheless, Valnor is dependable, intelligent, and loyal to House Conrath and the crown. His skill with the blade is well known among the nobles and commoners alike, for he often participates in the tourneys. He is also one of the few people in his family who has taken a liking to Jaden, the “ugly duckling” of the family.

Jaden Conrath
Third-born son of Dante and Beatrice Conrath
Jaden, while both disciplined and dutiful, has little else but blood in common with the rest of his family. He is not physically strong, nor does Jaden possess any interest military tactics. And his skill with a blade is deplorable (at least by Conrath standards). Jaden is shunned by his father, much of his immediate family, and is largely unpopular within his House from which he is shown repsect only grudgingly. As a young boy, his closest friend was his cousin Sarah Allister- he hasn't seen her for the last eight years, since her tenure began as a ward to House Algoth. Soon after Sarah's departure, Jaden's life took a strange turn, marked by the arrival of an unusual pup. Morte, having grown immensely large for a hound, can always be found at Jaden's side and is whispered among the smallfolk to be not of this world. With the guidance of Avatnor, he has learned to deal with both a dark secret, and his unfortunate relationship with his family.

Piccarda Conrath
Fourth-born daughter of Dante and Beatrice Conrath
Piccarda has taken her training in the military to almost unprecedented heights for women in the family of Conrath; a born leader and a cunning warrior, she has been named General of the Armies of House Conrath. With nearly unparalleled skill with the blade and a dangerous, albeit simple, tactical sense, she is greatly favored by Dante.

Child of Avaria
Sixth-born daughter of Dante and Beatrice Conrath
Called Child of Avaria since her Nameday is yet to come, little Conrath is only six months old. Though her role in the future is unclear, she appears to have started a sort of bond with Jaden.

House Berristan
“Tremble before Nature’s fury.”

In the times of Benarius, House Berristan was little more than a loose collection hunters and rangers. When Benarius summoned the might of Westra, these brave men and women united under one banner and served Benarius as his eyes and ears in the wood. It is said that the so-called leader of Berristan was a druid, though this is a rumor that cannot be confirmed. Now, centuries later, they are quite different after settling in with civilization; however, they still retain a strong sense of bond with nature and are very environmentally conscious of all their actions. They are deeply loyal to Dragonfell, and have a long history of protecting the family Dragonfell in particular. Their banner is the oak against the sun.

Lord Wren Berristan
First-born son of Isis and Sariana Berristan
A born woodsman, Wren spends most of his time on expeditions about the southlunds. A staunch supporter of King Daniel, they have been friends for many years. Lord Wren lost his right arm during the Ogre campaigns four years ago.

Ser Fenrick Berristan
Second-born son of Wren and Accolania Berristan
More enchanted with tourneys and women than the woods, Fenrick is a jovial, if immature, individual. Yet, under his accommodating personality lies a calculating, shrewd noble who knows the game of politics very well.

House Fallosworth
“The light of justice is ours.”

House Fallosworth makes their power felt through the justice system in Westra. Seeing themselves as the enlightened family of justice, they have very strong convictions in the system of laws and the preservation of peace. Also important to their family is the pursuit of knowledge and scientific endeavors—their family, in fact, heads the only University in all of Westra, located in the Rising Glades. A somewhat unusual trait that runs in their family is the fact that most of their members are women (about seven women to every man, in fact). It has been jested that they are descended of nymphs and fairies. Indeed, their women are graceful, intelligent, and beautiful; their daughters are thought of as valuable prizes throughout the kingdom. Also, their family is unusual in that their Lords and nobles oft take multiple wives, as is their custom. Their banner is the red rose against the black.

House Abith
“Once for honor, once for family, once for life.”

House Abith is one of a few major houses who has been a major house since Benarius held the crown. Boasting a tradition of honor and duty, it is a matter of pride for House Abith to serve the realm to the best of its abilities. When the king calls the banners, they answer; when the people need food, they feed them; when the realm is in peril, they prevail. House Abith has been, and remains today, one of the most popular Houses in the realm--especially amongst the commoners. In recent times, plagues and deficits have severely hurt the power of House Abith and it struggles to survive the current crises of unrest throughout the kingdom. Currently, House Abith is the primary provider of food for the rest of Westra, but harvest has been poor for the last half decade—while even members of House Abith are strapped for food, this means that the rest of the kingdom is currently suffering from starvation on an unprecedented level.

Lord Charles Abith,
First Born son of Miles and Celeste Abith
Lord of House Abith
Struggling to provide food for the kingdom, halting the orcs to the south, and keeping his family fed has driven Lord Abith to exhaustion and defensiveness. The political climate of Dragonfell, something which he holds great aversion to, is moving frustratingly slow to "save his people". If something in Dragonfell isn't done soon, it may very well lead to war, with Lord Abith at the head.

Minor Houses

House Tellman
“Remember today what will be forgotten tomorrow.”

Tellman House lies in the upper north reaches of Westra. They are minor nobility, but it is not their political power that is important- it is their life work. For the Tellmans are historians, and geneologists. They chronicle the story of Westra, trace the bloodlines and observe with a keen eye the tapestry of power that flows throughout the kingdom as blood flows through veins. Tellman house is powerless politically. They are not wealthy- they have a simple house and a few servants. They are nigh invisible to the remaining nobles, but they see everything. They follow the course of power with an observant eye, and sometimes, just a little bit, nudge events into place. With all due discretion, of course. Their banner is the gold scroll unfurled against the black.

Lord Horace Tellman
A historian

Lady Margaret Tellman
Wife to Lord Horace

Maiden Jennifer Tellman ­ (deceased)
The daughter of Horace and Margaret, Jennifer gave herself to King Eric Dragonfell, producing the Lord Baron Stephan. She died under mysterious circumstances when she presented her three year old son at court.

Ser Walter Tellman ­
Walter left his training as a geneologist in order to become a knight of the realm.

Lady Juliette Tellman
The Lady wife of Walter and a former lady-in-waiting at court, Juliette taught her daughter the nine ways to identify a lie, the techniques of subtle observation, and the art of a well placed dagger.

Maid Beatrice Tellman
Daughter of Walter and Juliette, young cousin to the Lord Baron, and grandchild of Horace and Margaret. On the surface, Maid Beatrice is a mousy bookworm, entirely unprepossessing. Beneath her dowdy exterior though, Beatrice is calculating, shrewd and unexpectedly educated in the ways of court politics. Beatrice uses her invisibility in the eyes of the nobles to play a behind the scenes dance of cat and mouse ­ doing privately what Jaden and Eric dare not do publicly. And if a noble drops dead of poisoning here, or a lady dies of suffocation there, what business of Beatrice's is it?

House dey la Conrath
"Honor and might."

The very definition of Cornath displine and might, the de la Conrath are the offshoot of the southern ruling family of Westra, whom the Norhtern Conraths conquered after the times of Benarius. Proud, courageous, and deeply prideful of their heritage, they are a family that has always stiven to attain that glory that was once theirs over half a millenia ago. Their banner is the Prideful Lion with a shield of scratches on its back.

Beren dey la Conrath
First-born son of Edward and Margaret dey la Conrath
Lord of House dey la Conrath
Beren is a descendent of the southern Conrath Lords (dey la Conrath is a minor house who have retained their name in the Old Tongue). Popular among the common folk under the lands ruled by House Conrath, none of the nobility truly know what to make of this black horse.
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