gamemaster359 (gamemaster359) wrote in legendsofavaria,

Words of advice on the Staggered Session

Try to make your responses "story-like" and "complete". I want this to be a role-playing session, but let's make every post count to maximize our responses. Be thoughtful, and don't hesitate to take the reigns of the story and the characters. For example, I haven't done so yet, but feel free to make responses for Ser Soraño (hopefully I've established his personality well enough--I haven't role-played your characters because I need to see their personality and words in action). Don't be afraid to splurge, or even make a couple of "story surprises" or two. Go ahead and describe clothes, feelings, weather, dispositions--whatever it takes. But I'll decide if your counter-offer is sufficient to call for a truce. (i.e., We'll trade off on the "big decisions", but leave the small things [like their questions and responses] in each other's hands.)

Take care, everyone. Let's make this happen.
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