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War of Lords: Preliminary Information

Alright John and Nate, here we go. I need to get some fairly specific information so we can just jump right into the battle for the first session.

Three Houses of House Talbert now lie in wait to do battle with House Picarro: House Romas, House Trier, and House Erinor. House Trier and House Erinor both are here at the call of Romas, an extremely wealthy and influential family within House Talbert.

Lord Gerrat Romas claims that the lands of House Picarro were once a part of House Talbert (which may have been true in the distant past, before the time of Benarius), and claims that Lord Grey's disownment of Picarro politically means that he forfeits their lands and wealth to the Romas. The claim is rather unsubstantial, but Lord Romas has the troops to enforce his will.

Currently, House Romas and her allies have sent an army to make Lord Gerrat's claim, four thousand strong. They have five columns of foot, and five columns of spearmen arranged in staggered formation, with an elite troop of pikemen in the vanguard. Three columns of archers and two columns of horse (all light cavalry, which amounts to one hundred horse total) completes their number.

Obviously, this is a large number of troops and it is possible that House Romas will not stop with Picarro lands should they take the field this day.

What I need to know is what strength of men does House Picarro field to meet these people, if other minor Houses have lent support to Lord Picarro, and what diplomatic (if any) attempts would House Picarro make with the capital, Dragonfell, and which houses they have tried to appeal to. (Also, if they have any representatives at Dragonfell.) Negotiations between House Romas and House Picarro will take place in the first session. Be prepared to think about what Picarro may be willing to sacrifice and what allegiances they would be willing to make in the name of peace.

Also, before we start the first session, please let me know of your characters' specific roles in the battle, along with any other special NPCs (like captains or whatever) who may be relevent to the battle.

Any other information that you could think of which I may need would also be greatly appreciated.
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How might House Trier and House Erinor be persuaded to become less supportive?
What kind of men are they?
I would love to lead one unit of cavalry. Do either a wedge like charge or run down one of the surrounding hills.
How might House Trier and House Erinor be persuaded to become less supportive?
House Trier and House Erinor, like most of the minor Houses, are out for their own interests. In that respect, money and power is thier biggest game. In this coming battle, they have been promised much wealth and prestige from House Talbert, currently the most wealthy of the Major Houses. It would take quite a bit of cunning and misdirection, indeed, to convince them that you can offer them more than House Talbert.

What kind of men are they?
Most the the men are good folk and deeply rooted in the faith of the Lord of Light. Their own faith blinds them to follow House Talbert and her allies without question. They are disciplined and well-to-do, but lack experience and the intensive training that House Conrath and House Stonewall are famous for.

I would love to lead one unit of cavalry. Do either a wedge like charge or run down one of the surrounding hills.
Sounds good to me. As long as John agrees to it.
House Picarro is a very advanced and well to do family, and Lord Sergio boasts a strong, well equipped force which he has called to his defense. His own forces include:

(500)foot wielding battle rapiers (same stats as longsword) and small shields.

(300) spearmen wielding advanced polearms with a curved blade(Guisarme) , which they use to pull cavalry off their mounts from a safe distance.

(200) light cavalry, 100 of which are Grey Riders and veterans of a battle against Talbert/Algoth forces. They wield light lances and Sabers. Some of these units serve as elite scouts for the Picarro forces. Many of the Picarro light cavalry are mounted on "Nortena" steeds, giving them a speed advantage over conventional war horses.

Irregulars: The irregulars in Lord Sergio's force are as unique as they are effective.

Mounted Archers- (100)Mounted on the same Nortena steeds and trained in the similar tactics to the elite light cavalry, these archers wield composite shortbows to maximize their range and mobility advantage. They also wield sabers. With both a speed and range advantage, their effectiveness is quite devastating under the right conditions. Mounted archers were not part of the Grey Riders for the campaign in the south.

Duelists- (50) More lightly armored then their foot brethren, but all the more effective, Picarro Duelists are elite foot soldiers specializing in mobility and advanced sword wielding techniques. They wield battle rapiers and small shields, but once melee is joined they often eschew their shields to wield a main-gauche in their off hand. With this weapon they can often block killing blows and disarm their opponents with ease. Their mobility gives them the ability to slip past loose spear formations unscathed and strike the spearmen down before they can draw a close combat weapon. Their morale effect is undeniable as well; For the common foot soldier, facing off against a duelist is certain death.

Before I make any claims as to who has brought forces allied with House Picarro, I need to know which Houses are Rogue, and which Houses are loyal to Lord Grey but may have been persuaded to/or would not tolerate Talbert incursion into Stonewall lands.

Both Lord Sergio and Armand will have made/make attempts at diplomacy with both Rogue Houses and houses loyal to Grey. Most of the diplomacy with these houses would be carried out by Armand. Lord Sergio is one of the key organizers of the Rogue Houses, and would certainly have reached out to the well known Ser Lennier and Ser Gaston. Armand's cousin Alfonso Picarro represents House Picarro at the Court of Dragonfell, and he would have been busy appealing to Dragonfell to intervene in Grey's abandonment of his former Houses.

As far as command roles are concerned, Lord Sergio will likely command from the rear with the foot and spearmen. Lord Picarro did not want his only son to treat with the enemy, but Armand's prideful insistence on this honor swayed him. Ser Kavin may be part of the negotiation as well. In addition to this role, Armand will be assigned a small detachment of cavalry which will be part of the main cavalry troop. Third in command of all cavalry units is the Cavalier, Balthazar Armando Ruiz. Colonel Ruiz is a veteran many times over, and a deadly force on horseback (Think fighter/cavalier 9+levels, 20+ ride skill). It is very likely that if Ser Kavin wishes a command, Armand would give him a light cavalry group to command. The water dancer Alesander Lyttle will not participate in the battle, but Armand will disguise one of the more experienced Duelists as the water dancer to raise morale, and strike fear into the hearts of enemies who know his reputation. The Bishop Raphael Bautista, bishop of the Lord of Light will be present with Lord Sergio to cleanse Picarro forces of their sins and administer funeral rites to the dead. Father Aron Vasquez, monk of the Lord of Light will fight alongside the Duelists with a flaming sword, sewing the seeds of distraction while they take advantage.
Before I make any claims as to who has brought forces allied with House Picarro, I need to know which Houses are Rogue, and which Houses are loyal to Lord Grey but may have been persuaded to/or would not tolerate Talbert incursion into Stonewall lands.
As of now, Ser Gastone and Ser Lennier are the only houses to be declared rogue. Ser Gastone will not tolerate incursions into Stonewall lands and so it is likely that he will come, though his forces come from the northern Stonewall territory and may not come to battle in time. Ser Lennier, although rogue and deeply sympathetic to House Picarro, is currently trying to rectify the situation between Lord Grey and Ser Eric through diplomatic means. Any military aid he gives will jeapordize his efforts; he will not send aid.

Currently, I have no other house that has gone rogue, but if you feel that it is likely that some of their neighbors or friends would join them, and you would care to create those houses, you are more than welcome to do so. But, as of now, only a very small percentage of House Stonewall support Ser Eric.

All houses that support Lord Grey will not send aid (lest they be declared rogue as well). There are some, however, who will express "sympathy" for the cause of House Picarro. I will have to make them later, though.